Sunday, March 10, 2013

The world of technology is evolving every moment. A great revolutionary tool has reshaped both the internet and desktop applications. We are talking about new XML format – called XUL, pronounced “Zool.” 

XUL is the most popular tool for building Mozilla Firefox extension and applications.

This extensible user interface language is a tried and true application framework, widely used to write cross-platform applications such as Mozilla Firefox. Moreover, it is also useful in programming your XUL application on Linux, and then you can run it on windows.  

XUL stands for XML User interface Language. Providing a rich set of UI widgets, this declarative language can accelerate the development process. XUL is built on the standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

What is fascinating about XUL development?

  • Both of these technologies have characteristics of .Net and Java
  • Support several languages for developing code behind components including C++, Ruby, and Python, along with Perl in progress
  • A library of widgets for creating applications
  • Assist XML messaging protocols like SOAP and XML-RPC
  • Excellent cross-platform that runs Mozilla, and your XML applications
  • Division of presentation logic from application logic, the presentation logic being handled by JavaScript
Writing an application in XUL is quite easy as it's like programming a web page with DHTML, except the fact that your XUL application will run, while your DHTML might........not! Further, this user interface markup language provides a guide that is easy for any developer to pick up, who has HTML experience; and further, provides all the benefits of a text-based markup language to generate apps with PHP.

Well, this programming language can be easily implemented by professionals having expertise in web-programming and design. XUL developers are experts in developing quality applications. So, if you want to build applications to run smoothly on Mozilla and other desktop apps, then hire XUL developers who can offer you the best services.


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