Saturday, February 5, 2011

Custom Toolbar Development India

Hire Custom Toolbar Developer

A toolbar, essentially GUI widgets, is a window found on web browsers and software applications that features a set of buttons, icons, menus or other GUI items which when clicked activate unique functions that have been assigned to them. However, contemporary toolbars have a lot more to them than just being rows of buttons that trigger pre–programmed functions. Speaking of which, these modern–day toolbars are dynamic and render a host of functionalities and customising options to its users.

When customized and tuned perfectly, enhance user experience providing them access to personalized content and products. Tightening security controls, saving precious time and satisfying varied entertainment needs are some of the positive offsets of ingeniously using plugins.

With the advent and acceptance of new browsers like Firefox and OS's like Mac, compatibility issues are no longer add ons but necessities. In its quest to provide cross OS and browser compatible applications, HiddenBrains has devised patches that can enable these tools to work on multiple platforms.


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