Tuesday, May 29, 2012

XUL is a popular technology based on XML used by many programmers to enlarge the GUI part in software application development, for instance calendars, calculators, HTML editors, debuggers, web browsers, email clients, spreadsheet editors, and entire desktop environments and much more. It is rather an XML-based language which would be used for developing browser widgets such as toolbars, add–ons and plug–ins. To create Mozilla Extensions, XUL (XML User Interface Language) is used. XUL is specifically designed to create application interface. Hire XUL developers for software application development from prominent Toolbar development companies who have talents and have achieved proficiency through their magnificent expertise in Mozilla toolbar development. It is true that XUL is more known for the development of Mozilla Firefox and other application development. Experienced XUL developer can easily customize applications with the text, graphics and design that can be adapted to different markets.

But the best way top obtain good XUL development is to hire XUL developer through offshore outsourcing to Toolbar development companies. Now let us see some of services available with these companies. You are sure to get the best resources and all services at very affordable rates.

Some Important XUL Development Services Offered include
  • XUL Programming
  • Hire XUL developer
  • XUL Web Design and Development
  • Mozilla Cross Platform Applications
  • XUL Widget Development
  • Firefox Plug-ins Web Development
  • XUL Firefox Extension Development
  • Plug-in/Add-on Development
Custom Firefox Toolbar Development


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