Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fondly called as 'Zool' the XUL (XML User interface Language) is extensively used for web browser extension development. Initiated by the Mozilla project this language is largely used to create toolbar for Firefox browser and Internet Explorer. It is developed using CSS, JavaScript and DOM technologies.

Following are the reasons for choosing XUL for web development:
  1. Open Source: XUL is an open source technology to create extensions for IE and Firefox web browsers. It is used to create widgets, elements, events, scripts, data source, plug-ins, toolbar etc. This open source language is easy to code, modify and implement. As it is open source it proves cost effective.
  2. Cross platform extension development language: XUL can be used to create user interfaces, cross platform applications for Firefox, IE and desktop web applications. It is an ideal language for developing apps for small and large sized business houses.
  3. Hire XUL developer services: There are many outsourcing companies offering hire XUL developer services. These developers can be hired by checking their experience and projects. You can conveniently hire expert XUL developers from the outsourcing companies.
  4. Extensive usage: Because of the cross platform nature of XUL, it is used extensively for diverse types of application development. Its easy to learn and XML and make it a highly leveraged language for various types of web browser extensions. It can also run as a stand alone application for Windows operating system.
  5. Ideal for toolbar development: The XUL language is best suited for high end toolbar development. It follows the DOM convention which facilitates effective toolbar development. CSS and JavaScript are the basis of XUL making it a perfect language for browser tools development.
These five reasons make XUL a very popular toolbar development language.


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