Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Google Chrome, with its invariably increasing popularity, no doubt its the favourite browser of users. Just three years back, Google Chrome's support for extensions kicked off and from then on, it's expanding without any brake. Chrome proves its prowess through its huge extension collection and new ones being added every year.

With hundreds of powerful and useful extensions, it helps millions of users to carry on their work smoothly and speedily. All thanks to Google for its wonderful job done exploring new dimensions and delivering innovative ideas.

Here, we picked out Best 5 Chrome extensions 2012, listed in no particular order of preference.
You can find all of these extensions on the Chrome web store. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that you can sync chrome extensions across the multiple machines, via the personal stuff page of the settings tab.

Clipper by Clipboard
Want to save your favourites online? With clipboards very own Clipper extension for Chrome you can clip anything. HTML, text images even flash applications are easily clipped, annotated and tagged  
and then saved to your clipboard gallery within seconds. You can view all the clips in your clipboard profile, which you can either publish or keep it private.

Google Dictionary
With Google Dictionary, you can experience the best extensions like built-in browser features. Once you install this extension, double-click on a word to see an instant pop-up definition (with a link for further information) -- find out exactly what "cornucopia" means without interrupting your browsing. Simultaneously, you can also look up for a word meaning by clicking on the extension icon in the toolbar.

Chrome to Phone
Chrome to Phone extension is the best tool to use if you are having an Android phone or tablet. This extension will promptly send links and other content to your mobile device, either by the right click menu or the extension icon. You need to install the Chrome to Phone app on your Android device, where you can choose whether to open up links automatically. This is a must have extension for all Android users.

This one is quite popular and has good affinity rapport with Gmail. This instinctive Gmail extension enables you to create a cool social profile of any individual whose email address you enter, by pulling all the social feeds from the web. This smart extension will surely enhance your Gmail experience.

Want to share online content to your numerous social medias? Seems too arduous, but with AddThis, Chrome extension, you can do it with much ease. This add-on allows you to share content on Facebook and Twitter as well as many other services. Moreover, you can print, translate or bookmark pages as well.

Still more to explore and use, you can share your best Google Chrome extensions in the comment box.


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