Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The recent statistics exhibits the popularity of Firebox toolbar development. Firefox is known as one of the most functional, secured, and user-friendly browsers. With this the demand for Firefox Toolbar Developers has also increased.

Firefox Toolbar can promote SEO activities too. To get the benefits of Firefox Toolbar in SEO, you need to get your Firefox customized hiring a professional Firefox Toolbar Developer company.

Basics of SEO
SEO use methodologies to improve the ranking of web page amongst different  search engines. In today's competitive world, task of SEO is getting difficult. It take lot of time and efforts to find out users' behavior to zero in to the most popular keywords for the web content. The higher the pagerank, more frequently the site will appear in the search list.

Features of Customized Firefox Developer Tools
Now companies are more inclined towards developing Firefox web developer toolbar particularly designed to support SEO professionals. The most basic features of customized Firefox add-ons for SEOs include its estimation of the total number of links towards the domain, total numbers of links for the page, total number of edu links, exhibition of IP address of the hosts.

Advantages of Customized Firefox Developer Tool

The most popular benefits that customized Firefox developer tool can bring are:

  • Option of using "Search box" with search engine (Google and Yahoo)
  • Server Header Checker feature to check for the right functioning of the site
  • Allows you view Google Page Rank and the Popularity Index Rank
  • Enables SEO to surf from any page, skipping navigation
  • It offers links to popular SEO Forums like highrankings, webmasterworld etc
  • Offers links to primary search engines, with drop down menu having choices
  • Provides with links to Google Ad Sense, Ad Words,  Yahoo etc
  • Develops a traffic report using Alexa Traffic Rank page
  • Offers a drop down menu having links to Keyword Research Tools -  WordTracker, Google suggestion tool,, etc
  • Retains the list of the resources - registrars, lookup sites, domain aftermarket, auction sites etc

If you want to optimize the benefits of Firefox developer tools in SEO– hire a professional Firefox Toolbar Developer and watch the results.


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