Friday, December 7, 2012

Internet Browser is an application that connects the user to the world wide web. Not long back, when someone used to talk about Internet browser, only two things use to click my mind – Internet Explorer (I.E) and Mozilla FireFox.

Often slow in speed and prone to the viruses, both the browsers were the main shareholders in the sector. However, after the addition of Google Chrome in the bandwagon, the scenario changed tremendously. The chrome not only got immediate attention due to its simplicity, speed and size, but also due to its appearance. Moreover, with new features added every year, the Google chrome today hold the top position with 310 million active users.

Incorporating a wide range of useful and innovative features compared to the other browsers, chrome is the way ahead of the competitors. “Hats off” to the chrome developers, that they have made it simple, without even missing the necessary attributes. No doubt, with the impressive looks and utility features, chrome hooked the users on to it. But, with chrome toolbar not present, users did felt something missing in the great recipe.

Toolbar is a widget, wherein the user add the shortcut of the frequently used apps. However, to create an efficient chrome toolbar, you need to have a experienced and skilled chrome toolbar developer, who understand your needs and deliver the quality results. It is worth mentioning that a toolbar can also help in generating revenue, which is a well-known fact and not a rumor.

Normally, one has to have an in-depth knowledge of the browser, before developing the browser-specific toolbar. Often a Chrome toolbar developer forget this step, in order to create best designs and incorporate complex functionalities. A thorough understanding assists Google Chrome toolbar developer in adding more features into the toolbar like third-party integrations and increase the functionality of the browser.

Hiring a professional Google Chrome toolbar developer to design and develop a chrome toolbar assist in the development of  dynamic extensions development. It is therefore advisable to hire experienced professionals for the job. An efficient Chrome toolbar developer can optimize your browser experience and help you with branding, marketing and keeping you ahead in competition.


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