Sunday, January 27, 2013

Since the launch of Google Chrome, there's been a continuous debate on the best browser. Firefox was all the rage, outshining Microsoft Explorer.  Google Chrome, however, has also registered its presence by hitting first rank in the most popular browser graph, surpassing Firefox and IE.

Nevertheless, Firefox is more robust, Chrome is gaining mobility due to consistent Chrome extension development, which is adding new and useful extensions regularly thus burgeoning its functionalities.  

Here are some of the necessary Chrome extensions that are useful for web development:

It's an organizer and launcher that can help organize your extensions and web apps. You can easily and quickly locate and launch your apps facilitating a drop down menu. It also allows you to organize your apps and extension in various group based on your convenience.

Window Resizer
This changes the size of the browser's window and specifically helpful for web programmers. Using this extension, developers can test layouts on various browser resolutions. The list of resolution is customizable i.e. it can be deleted, added, or re-ordered.

Chrome SEO
This extension allows easy access to SEO tools for the developer to have a look at the Competitive Analysis, PageRank Checks, Backlink Checks including other regular SEO driven tasks.

Eye Dropper
This tool allows web developers to select desired colors from the color picker or from any web page. This is simple but very useful and imperative extension for the website developers.

This tool acts as a search device browsing through your private data to locate a particular piece of information. It can search your data, which you have posted in Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any other social networking site. Use this tool instead of wasting time searching for a specific piece of information.

These are some of the interesting and helpful Chrome extensions that give the web developers a helping hand and simplify their task. If you looking for a Chrome extension development company to get customized Chrome extension, hiring a professional company offering Firefox plugin development/custom toolbar development or chrome extension services is the best bet.


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